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Title: Confident Cabaret
Artist: Justin Bieber/Justin Timberlake
Album: (Mashup)
Plays: 4408

I know what you’ve said my dear, I love you

Title: All That Matters Coming Down (Mashup)
Artist: Justin Bieber feat. The Weeknd
Album: Justin Bieber: The Mashup Mixtape by Raheem D
Plays: 1228

did you understand what I’ve said and she said to me?

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I honestly think this is one of the most adorable and cutest reply I’ve gotten

@justinbieber: All black everything except my phone and everything else In the pic thats not black

beburr replied to your post: beburr replied to your post: beburr …

i’m sure she is

yeah she is, also she’s so amazing.

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